Knowledge Graph
Create custom search index with your business data
Knowledge Graph
A knowledge graph is a data structure used to represent relationships between entities. They are typically used to represent a large and complex data set, such as that generated by a SaaS website. Custom knowledge graphs enable users to quickly and easily access data from the website.


Custom knowledge graphs provide a visual representation of data that makes it easier for users to find and connect the dots between related entities. This is especially useful for customers who need to understand the nuances of the data in order to make informed decisions.

Custom knowledge graphs can be used to create custom queries, run analytics, and generate insights. They offer a more powerful approach to analyzing data than traditional methods, since they can leverage the relationships between entities to uncover hidden relationships.

Custom knowledge graphs can also be used to provide personalized experiences to customers. By leveraging the relationships between entities, they can be used to provide tailored recommendations, content, and products to customers based on their interests and needs.

Custom knowledge graphs are also useful for helping customers find the answers they need quickly and easily. By leveraging relationships between entities, they can be used to create powerful search capabilities that make it easier for customers to find the information they need.

Overall, custom knowledge graphs provide a powerful tool for understanding and leveraging large datasets on a SaaS website. They provide a visual representation of data and enable customers to quickly and easily find the answers they need.

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